Sorry it’s later than usual but what a great day to report.

It started in the tranquil English countryside with nothing to be heard but the gentle sound of the slow running stream, the wind cascading through the trees and spring blossom.

Was that the sound of a early bee looking to find a nest or a perhaps a rabbit making its way across the hillside?

Ducks were cruising along the stream teaching their young to fish and find food. With the blue sky and the rising temperature what could spoil such a perfect day?

Was that a child’s voice in the distance or perhaps the song of a lark in the distant oak trees.

But no it’s a song … I have heard it before in my childhood. row…row…row.  The sound increased

Yes it is a song…, row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

A Boat appeared around the bend, then another and another….

And if you can’t hear us…we’ll SHOUT A LITTLE LOUDER. And they did…

and the ducks splashed away, the rabbits scattered.

Maybe the day wasn’t to be quite so still and quiet?

And so the fun continues…Zip Wires, High Ropes, and much, much more!

Perhaps it was because his favourite team, Everton won last night, or perhaps leaving his sun hat at home wasn’t such a good idea.

But Mr Wright, seeing how many of the year 6 could climb up to the top of Jacob’s ladder thought that he should prove he was still able to pursue the things he could do in his youth?

Who knows!

But he faltered on the third rung and despite all the efforts of his team was forced to change his ambitions and to be lowered down to the ground.

Happy Days

More on Thursday