OFSTEDIt is our aim to have all of the information that is required by OFSTED easily available and accessible within our website. This page is intended to provide a portal to easily link to the required information. It is structured to match the published requirements.

Specified information to be published on a school’s website

1. The name, postal address and telephone number of the school, and the name of a person to whom enquiries should be addressed…

This information is on the footer on every webpage…

Headteacher: Mrs. D. Bostock
Our Lady’s Bishop Eton Primary School
Green Lane, Liverpool, L18 2EP – Tel. 0151 722 2982
Enquiries: Mrs Maria Murray, School Bursar
Email – businessmanager@ourladysbishopeton.com

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Admissions 19/20

2. the determined admission arrangements for the school in relation to each relevant age group at the school, including any arrangements for selection, any oversubscription criteria and an explanation of the process of applying for a school place; or



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OFSTED Report 2013

3. Information as to where and by what means parents may access the most recent report about the school published by her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills.




4. The school’s most recent key stage 2 results






5. Information as to where and by what means parents may access the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State on the Department for Education’s website.



6. The following information about the school curriculum—

(a)in relation to each academic year, the content of the curriculum followed by the school for each subject and details as to how additional information relating to the curriculum may be obtained;

(b)in relation to key stage 1, the names of any phonics or reading schemes in operation.



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7. The measures determined by the head teacher under section 89 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 (determination by head teacher of behaviour policy)(2).



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Complaints Procedure

8. Complaints Procedure





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Pupil Premium 15/16

9. The amount of the school’s allocation from the Pupil Premium grant(3) in respect of the current academic year; details of how it is intended that the allocation will be spent; details of how the previous academic year’s allocation was spent, and the effect of this expenditure on the educational attainment of those pupils at the school in respect of whom grant funding was allocated.


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PE and Sport Premium 17/18

10. PE and Sports Premium for primary schools






11. The report prepared by the school under section 317(5)(a) of EA 1996 (duties of governing bodies in relation to special educational needs(4)).







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Charging Policy

12. The school’s charging and remissions policy determined by them under section 457 of EA 1996(5).




safe happy

Safe and Happy Policies

13. A statement of the school’s MISSION STATEMENT, AIMS, ethos and values.”

A Happy School… A Healthy School… A Safe School.   Living, Loving and Learning in Jesus



sg14. Governors 

We have a dedicated Page on our website related to Governors.
Please use click the graphic or THIS GOVERNORS PAGE LINK

15. Equality

Please download our Equality Duty Policy

If you require additional information or clarification then please contact the school.