The OLBE Curriculum

Learning  supports our children to develop a hierarchy of transferable skills and the knowledge and values necessary to make positive decisions with regards to their personal, social, health and emotional development and to their role as world citizens. 

We have encapsulated  the school Curriculum that we provide to the children and publish links to this from this page. It is a comprehensive document covering all of our subject areas and additional educational opportunities for each Year Group. 

We have produced this in two formats. The first is a Powerpoint file produced in Office 2013. It can be navigated in a similar fashion to a book with hyperlinks from the index page and the ability to hyperlink back to the start slide by clicking the bottom of any slide.  


We also have a PDF document which can be viewed, downloaded and printed if you wish.


We divide the curriculum into three areas as shown on these downloads:-

OLBE Core Curriculum

Values Curriculum

Citizen of the World Curriculum