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Welcome to the web site for Our Lady’s Bishop Eton Primary School. We are proud to share our school with you and hope you enjoy your journey around our website.  We are delighted to showcase our school and want our website to reflect the exciting developments taking place or planned for the future.

We are very happy to announce that when OFSTED visited the school we where awarded an Outstanding status. However, we still strive to improve upon this and continually review ourselves and strive for improvement.

The web site is frequently updated and I hope will be valuable to parents, governors, children and many other visitors. Please add this site to your favourites lists and visit our site on a regular basis to keep up to date with our activities, events, achievements and plans.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at the school with any queries.

We are committed to ensuring that every pupil receives an education that enables them to attain the highest levels of achievement possible. You will discover that the school has created the most stimulating up-to-date learning environment, a relevant and challenging curriculum and an active partnership with parents and the communities in which our pupils live, work and play.

As a Catholic school we are deeply aware of the unique nature of each individual and the purpose that each one of us has in bringing about the Kingdom of God.
Our school Mission Statement encapsulates what we aim to provide:-



We will achieve success by:

Leading professional learning and development through
• Excellent school-based initial teacher training and support
• Excellent newly qualified and recently qualified teacher induction and support
• Excellent training, coaching and mentoring for leaders, teachers and support staff

Educating and engaging teachers, support staff and leaders through
• Targeted marketing and promotion of learning opportunities
• Effective use of joint observation, coaching, mentoring, practice and reflection
• Joint development of excellent school practice

Achieving excellent levels of progress and attainment through
• Provision of support and resources to drive school improvement
• Opportunities for developing teaching and leadership experience
• Collaboration and sharing of expertise within and beyond the classroom

Delivering inspirational and sustainable training through
• Excellent specialist leaders of education (SLEs)
• Innovative and impactful research and development
• Appropriate school to school support

Our Aims


Our School Mission “Living, Loving Learning in Jesus” is accomplished through our aims:
1. To be a living Christian Community reflecting the love of Jesus in all that we do.
2. To recognise the uniqueness of each member of our school and to provide an education that fully develops their gifts and talents.
3. To work in partnership with parents, carers, the parish and the wider community in order to achieve the above.



ethos2We use Jesus’ life as the basis for our Faith and Prayer life, our relationships and our understanding of our rights and responsibilities and as a consequence our school is:
• A welcoming, friendly, bright, lively and happy place where children feel SAFE and where BEHAVIOUR FOR LEARNING is embedded.
• An INCLUSIVE SCHOOL where all are treated equally and fairly and given equality of opportunity and voice regardless of gender, religion, additional need, disability or race.
• An ACHIEVING SCHOOL in which success and achievement are promoted and all of our children are supported to set high standards for themselves and to work hard to achieve these.
• A HEALTHY SCHOOL in which we ensure the physical, social spiritual and emotional education and development of our children through both our curriculum and extra curricula provision.
• An active PARTNER with parents, the Parish and the wider community to continuously improve all aspects of our provision.


provisionEXCELLENCE IN INCLUSIVE PLANNING TEACHING AND ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING WHICH PROMOTES A CULTURE OF HIGH EXPECTATION is at the heart of what we do and as a consequence the teaching of the basic skills and the development of knowledge, skills, understanding and values:
• Is responsive to learners’ strengths and needs and engages, motivates and inspires them.
• Is of the highest quality and ensures every child succeeds
ENJOYMENT OF LEARNING is at the heart of what we do and in our school:
• Children are supported to learn how to learn and to develop positive learning behaviours and intellectual and emotional resilience.
• Learning is focused on individual pupil needs and abilities and is an active process which develops and stretches our children and excites their imagination.
• Planned learning challenges enable our children to learn different things in many different ways; they learn through listening, watching and doing; they learn indoors and out of doors and through play; they learn both independently and collaboratively; they learn through art, music, drama and sport; they learn from adults and from each other.
• Learning supports our children to develop a hierarchy of transferable skills and the knowledge and values necessary to make positive decisions with regards to their personal, social, health and emotional development and to their role as world citizens.
A CREATIVE AND DIFFERENTIATED CURRICULUM is at the heart of what we do and in our school:
• Our CITIZENS OF THE WORLD CURRICULUM supports our children to understand and develop their Faith and Prayer Life as well alongside the knowledge and skills necessary to make positive decisions with regards to their personal, spiritual, moral, social, health and emotional development and their role as world citizens.
• Our CORE CURRICULUM ensures that reading writing and maths are taught to a very high standard.
• Our LEARNING CHALLENGES CURRICULUM reflects statutory requirements whilst ensuring that our children have access to rich, broad and balanced experiences presented in an interesting, exciting and imaginative manner with lots of opportunities for first-hand experience, practical work, investigation and learning through play. The creative aspects including art, poetry, story, dance, music and performance are central to our provision in this area.
• All aspects of our curriculum provision are enriched by cross curricular focus weeks, visits visitors and use of local and wider environments.


L&MEffective, efficient and ambitious LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE, including DISTRIBUTED LEADERSHIP, nurtures our ethos and environment and drives the continuous development of teaching, learning and assessment and the curriculum provision necessary to ensure that all of our children make good or better progress and achieve high standards in all aspects of their development.


partnershipA strong pro-active partnership between the school, parents and the Parish contributes significantly to the achievement of our aims. As do partnerships with other schools and outside agencies.